It is not a surprise nowadays to encounter a broken family or an unhealthy family and of course you don’t want your family to be that way. So what are the things that you can do for you to maintain a healthy relationship with your family?

Share stories to your kids, if you come home from work and meet your kids at home ask them how was their day, instead of putting on the TV as soon as you arrive it will make them less excited to see you. When your kids share with you their experience for the day don’t just listen but talk also and share some of your stories as well. This method will help you to maintain a close relationship with your kids and prevent them to lose interest in you and might lose respect for you as well. This means you have other time for setting up things like your new sit up bench or home gym.

Enjoy each other’s presence, this is the most essential thing for a family. Respect each other and make them see that you enjoy their presence. Play games inside your home or outdoors for you to tighten your bond as a family, extracurricular activities with your family can help your family enjoy each other’s presence and avoid boredom with each other.

Mirage first before your kids, some family is built that kids come first but this is bad because as your kids grow up they will get out of your home eventually. Make decisions as a couple and put your kids as a second priority but that does not mean that you disregard them. Being a healthy couple means you can provide your children’s needs such as great science parties for their birthdays

Being angry with your children is unavoidable but make sure to handle it properly, keep your voice down and in a calm state when you approach them for their misbehavior and make sure to avoid violence. Make a reasonable punishment for them to avoid spoiling them but make sure to always have control for them not to lose respect for you, being very soft to your children is not advisable. Make certain rules so they know their boundaries for what and they can and can’t do.

Arguments will always be there with your partner but make sure don’t fight in front of your children. When your conversation is starting to get heated up make sure to go somewhere private for you to discuss it and if they accidentally heard you yelling at each other make sure to apologize to them and explain to them so that they would understand.

Always have time for your family, some of us parents forget to give time to our family because of our work, especially babies agreed Once a Baby. Yes, you have to work for you to give them food to eat but do not overwork and if possible avoid working at home. Seeing you working at home can give your children the idea not to disturb you and if they have problems they will have second thoughts to talk to you because they are afraid that they can disturb you.