The latest flagship phone from Samsung is out and we just picked up a brand new Galaxy Note 9 for ourselves. The first thing we did after unboxing was to pop out that hyped up S Pen stylus and scribble something on its pristine black screen. Looking at that lemon-colored digital ink, we came to realize what fun we could have with this phone.

In fact, calling it a phone would probably be doing it a bit of disservice, as it offers its users so much more. Its best feature, unsurprisingly, is its S-Pen. Offering an improvement on the Note 8, you will surely feel a wave of inspiration as you wield this trusty little tool. Trust us when we say that it enables you to push things to the next level. With just a few quick actions, you can write notes and reminders to yourself, draw your next masterpiece, and even take precise pictures with your S-Pen acting as the camera’s remote control.

Of course, all of this comes at a cost, literally. After all, the Note 9 comes at a hefty price tag. Check out a review at Device Dictionary.